What is Design donated?

2019 saw the catastrophic bushfires, long predicted by scientists and ignored by politicians, decimate Australian landscapes, towns, businesses and homes. The bravery of those men and women fighting the fires and protecting their communities left many of us with a sense of awe, sadness but also, powerlessness. 


The interior design community is one of generosity, and there was a consensus amongst us that there must be something we could do to help those who had lost everything. It became clear with the ongoing news coverage that the sheer number of homes destroyed, would also need to be rebuilt. As designers we know first hand how daunting that prospect can be.


Inspired by the Architects Assist movement, Design donated was conceived by Melbourne interior designer Nickolas Gurtler to try to offer aid in the only way he knew how - design. 


Simply, Design donated is a platform for interior designers around Australia to offer their expertise to those who are trying to rebuild their homes and their lives, in the hope that together we can build something beautiful despite this terrible loss.


Design donated connects victims of the bushfires with interior designers who have pledged their services on a pro bono basis (it does not provide any design services itself).


Interior Designers will be able to assist those who have suffered with:


  • Initial advice

  • Floor plan analysis and development.

  • “Pre-start” selections (guiding clients to select colours, materials and fixtures etc.) from home builders etc. 


Design sessions can be conducted digitally (Facetime, Skype etc) or in person in blocks of 1 hour, or by the discretion of the designer.


The aim is also to get design students and graduates involved to assist and grow their abilities whilst helping those who need it.


Our operation is new and continuously evolving as we gain a better understanding of our clients’ needs.

Contact us.

If you have lost your home due to bushfire or natural disaster and are ready to rebuild, feel free to contact us via assistance request form.


If you are an interior designer or interior design practice and are willing to pledge your services please sign up here.


If you’re looking to integrate other relevant initiatives, please email us here.


Please kindly consider preserving our limited resources before getting in touch directly, unless you represent the government, media or your matter is extremely urgent:

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