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This application form is for those who have lost their homes in bushfire or natural disaster and are ready to rebuild. This service is suitable for those who have already engaged a builder, building designer or architect and are in the process of making decisions about what they are rebuilding.

Design donated connects victims of the bushfires with interior designers who have pledged their services on a pro bono basis (it does not provide any design services itself). There are over 200 interior designers and design firms who have pledged more than 1,400 hours to assist those who need help.

Interior Designers will be able to assist those who have lost with:

  • Initial advice

  • Floor plan analysis and development.

  • Pre-start selections (guiding clients to select colours, materials and fixtures etc.) from home builders etc.

Design sessions can be conducted digitally (Facetime, Skype etc) or in person in blocks of 1 hour, or by the discretion of the designer.

The aim is also to get design students and graduates involved to assist and grow their abilities whilst helping those who need it.

Our operation is new and continuously evolving as we gain a better understanding of our clients needs.

*Please note, this is a referral service only designed to connect designers who wish to help with those who are in need and is not a guarantee of assistance. Design donated accepts no liability or consequences for any situations arising from using its referral service.

Assistance request form.
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A platform connecting interior designers with those who need help to rebuild.