Give help.

This page is for interior designers willing to pledge a number of hours of pro bono services to assist those who have lost their homes to bush fires or natural disasters.

The services to be provided include initial design advice, floor plan analysis/development and pre-start selections (including finishes, colours, fixtures etc).

The services will be provided in blocks of 1(one) hour which will be assigned to you by the administration team at Design donated based on the needs of those seeking assistance, their geographical location etc.

To pledge your support, please fill out the form below and select your pledged hours. If you wish to pledge more than 10 hours, the Design donated administration will be in contact to discuss your pledge.

Design donated encourages the use of graduates and students to work alongside qualified designers to help them learn and assist.

Designer sign up form
Able to assist in the following states (You can use Skype / Facetime etc.)
Services you are wiling to provide pro bono
  1. All details given in this form are true and correct.

  2. I/my firm agrees to honour our pledge, and to the best of our abilities.

  3. I/my firm acknowledges that our pledge must be honoured within 21 days from assistance being requested.

  4. I/my firm is able to assist with; initial advice, floor plan analysis and development, pre-start selections (including finishes, colours, fixtures etc).

  5. I/my firm acknowledges this is base level assistance only and further assistance beyond the pledged hours is not expected.

  6. I/my firm understand that this website is an informal referral service acting in good faith, akin to the word of mouth, making or implying no guarantees, and its provider will not and can not be respond for any consequences arising from the use of this service.

A platform connecting interior designers with those who need help to rebuild.